Spicy Duck Ramen



Noodles or Ramen:

  1. Instant ramen with duck flavour


  1. One egg or two as you want
  2. 150 ml of water
  3. One spring onion
  4. 3 small chillies

How to cook:

  1. Cook the water (not the 150 ml) in a pot until it is almost boiling, then put the ramen into the pot.
  2. Cut the spring onion and chillies as small as you want.
  3. After the ramen is cooked, pour away the water and place the ramen in a bowl.
  4. Heat the 150 ml water in a pot or pa.
  5. Put the seasoning from instant raemen into the pot and pour the spring onion and chillies into it too. when the water is warm enough, put the egg into top.
  6. Keep checking the egg and hen it looks cooked, turn it back to mak sure it is well cooked.
  7. Pour the soup that already finished into the ramen.